Smartcom Communications LLC,

Have a system? Contact us anyway!
Our hourly  rates are very low. We can work on or add to your
current system for much less than you think.
Still have questions? Hit the contact button and give us a call or e-mail, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.
Here at smartcom we can handle just about any telecom need.
If you need a business telephone system from 2 lines to 200 lines,
and or voice/data wiring, we can help. Here are just some of the
systems we sale, install, maintain and have in-stock:

- Nortel 3x8, ICS, 0x32, BCM                        - Avay ACS 1.0-7.0
- Nortel 7324, 7310,7208                             - Avaya Partner MLS,                  
- Nortel  T7207, T7216                                  -  Euro, Euro 2
- Nortel flash, call pilot                                  - Avaya voice mail
- Nortel PBX"S

Our specials are a ICS 2.0 4x16 system with 1- 7324 and 3- 7208 gently
used for $650.00
  - All equipment is tested in our test lab.
 - We have been in business for 7 years.
    - Our installers have years of experience.
Normal business hours
mon-fri 8:00am
-5:00pm. However we are
a 24 hour service provider.
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